"Shared haemodialysis care means working with patients in partnership to engage them in their own treatment. It encourages patients to take an interest in helping themselves - promoting a more positive feeling towards their dialysis"

Quite simply - shared haemodialysis care puts patients back in control!

Tania Barnes, Shared Haemodialysis Care Strategy Director and Trainer, usually delivers the programme on a face-to-face basis however, because of the pandemic and the need to work remotely, Tania adapted the format of the learning and moved this online.

I was pleased to be given the chance to join the Shared care programme – the training was delivered over two full and busy days. The sessions brought together a range of healthcare professional and patients, from across the whole of the UK, to demonstrate how shared care makes a difference to a patient’s experience - and how healthcare professionals can start and begin to set this up in their own renal units.

The learning experience is rich and value based with patients and healthcare professionals working together to understand the challenges, barriers and benefits of shared care – and very importantly, what it feels like from both a patient and healthcare professional perspective. Sharing experiences of providing and receiving care and how patients can, and do, take responsibility for elements of their care is insightful and valuable – especially as this is experienced first-hand during the sessions.

The online programme offers learning, development, opportunities to network and also a practical element which supports everyone present to introduce shared care and develop an action plan for a way forward. At the final session everyone shares progress to date and has an opportunity to learn from the improvement made by other healthcare professionals and patients.

To compliment the virtual learning experience an additional networking opportunity is offered for participants who want to engage with others who have completed the programme – this allows for the learning experience to continue and also ensures networks and connections remain.

We know how important shared care and decision making is to patients and this is one of the 13 key themes measured in the Kidney Patient Related Experience Measure (PREM).

Jan Gough, former Director of patient support services at KCUK 11/21