SHC celebratory event in Leeds

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All shared care champions and managers from the dialysis units within Leeds Trust were invited to join a celebratory event to mark their shared haemodialysis care unit achievements.

Active shared care patients received certificates during the event for speaking about their experiences and describing how they had benefited from being more involved in their care.

The improvement data was shared and staff from the dialysis units were awarded with certificates for improvements. One unit won the Leeds clinical speciality scheme ‘Head Nurse’ award that recognises individual initiatives that go beyond normal duties having designed a unique leaflet.

Senior managers said that the event had been really empowering for staff and patients inspiring them to keep improving their shared care programmes. This could be a regular event to inspire and motivate further success.

  • Shared data to SHC Champions and patients
  • 3 patients talked about their SHC experience
  • Awards and certificates given to celebrate staff success
  • Encouraging words from consultant and matron
  • One unit shared their SHC leaflet to all units – they won HEAD NURSE award
  • All champions were empowered and challenged in a positive way – wanted to receive an award next time
  • Plan to use similar event in encouraging more patients to do SHC in the future (similar to coffee mornings)

The progress of Shared Care in Leeds

July 2022 February 2023 June 2023
Total dialysis patients in the Trust 588 608 607
Patients doing Shared Care 62 150 160
Percentage 10.5% 24% 26%

Vision for Leeds Teaching Hospital

“We pledge to continue to enable our patients to take ownership of their health through education and empowerment”

“Making SHC the norm, supporting each team to develop their own strategies and engaging all levels of staff to work in partnership with patients to provide options with SHC”