Shared Care stories from patients, family and staff

  • Tara's story

    This is an account of a turbulent journey that has shaped Tara's attitude and resilience towards her health...

  • Alceina's story

    Managing long term conditions as a patient and a Nurse. Alceina’s story provides a unique perspective on how we can support patients to feel well in all respects.

  • How Shared Care was positive for Mr Matharu and his family

    Anitta Thomas from Imperial College Hospital speaks about her experiences with a shared care patient.

  • Harry's Story

    Harry talks about his mum's life with kidney failure and Shared Care

  • Danni's story

    An interview with Tania Barnes January 2020

  • Mick's Story

    Foster carer Mick talks about his experiences with Shared Care

  • Daniel's Story - My Peer Support Role

    Daniel discusses his experiences as a volunteer trainer

  • Orlando's Story

    Orlando speaks about his experience as a patient doing Shared Care and then moving onto Home Haemodialysis.

  • Anne's Story

    Why shared care isn’t always about the tasks. Read about what is important to Anne and the choices that support her wellbeing.

  • Michael's Story

    Home dialysis patient Michael discusses how Shared Care has helped give him a better quality of life

  • Paul's Story - Why do Home Haemodialysis?

    Paul Swift, a home haemodialysis patient from Australia, discusses his experiences of home haemodialysis.